Skilled Man Power

Our unrivalled performance in skill development and flexible approach to working with businesses makes ISDC the ideal partner for up skilling the man power. We support our clients with all aspects of skills development and training, from frontline to boardroom. We acknowledge that skill development is a basic social responsibility and more over it is the necessity of the society.

Raising Literacy

Through our products and partnerships ISDC aim to make a difference to raising literacy levels around the world, helping people to learn to read and to enjoy reading. We run projects and campaigns , often in partnership with International Skill Development Foundation (ISDF) , that encourage reading or promote literacy.

Improving Learning Out Comes

Through our products, services and partnerships, we aim to make a measurable difference to learning outcomes for students, educators and to education systems. ISDC ensure that its own education programs are developed and assesses for quality, efficacy and usability.

Responsible Business Practises

Our unique opportunity is to make a difference in our focus areas:

  • Skilled Manpower
  • Raising Literacy Levels
  • Improving Learning Out Comes

In addition, we adopt a broad and holistic definition of ‘responsible business’ , capturing priorities relevant to our stake holders that we share in common with other industries and individual companies.


Since the starting we have put in place our commitments and ways to monitor our performance against the principles on Labour Standards, Human Rights and Environmental Policy ..etc and report annually on our progress. Some of the Global Compact Principles concern the environment and are covered by our environmental policy. One principle relates to anti-corruption and our Code of Conduct describes the standards that we set ourselves in that area. Other refer to labour standards and human rights.

Policies & Downloads